Emu Australia Ugg Boots

Naturally Australian. Snug and cosy ugg boots from EMU Australia and Ausfur. The Big Merino only stocks Australian made Uggs made from premium Australian sheep skins. There is a style and colour to suit everyone even toddlers.

The All-Australia Sheepskin

Choose from the Incredibly soft plush sheepskin to soften your floor lounge or bed, the practical medical sheepskin is ideal for armchairs, hospital beds even in your car, or the baby sheepskins used to soften your babies cot or stroller.

These beautiful sheepskins are sourced locally and tanned in Australia. The skins are treated on the skin side with organic oils, salt, vinegar and natural acids to kill any germs – this pickles the skin. The fleece side is not bleached or dyed.

Aussie Tots

Aussie Tots are a small home based business in a small country town in Victoria. We manufacture and design crocheted sheep skin slippers for children and adults in varied sizes, colours and patterns and have been in production for over 9 years. They are warm and comfy and suitable to be worn indoors.

Flat Friends

Lambskin/Sheepskin has been scientifically proven to contain therapeutic properties that helps babies to have a longer and more restful sleep, which means that they will eat better, become healthier and happier. Lambskin/Sheepskin promotes a baby’s wellbeing.

Flat Friends uses premium quality dense, long fleece, to give their soft toys volume without needing to stuff them. Flat Soft Toy Baby Comforters are all natural, and easier for babies to lie on and fall asleep quickly.

Flat Friends donates 10% of its profit to help wildlife and children.


FLATOUT bears are made of 100% Australian sheepskin. Each sheepskin varies which makes each FLATOUT bear unique and special.

Sheepskin is a natural product and should be treated with care. The natural lanolin in the sheepskin has self-cleaning properties, is anti bacterial and also repels water therefore FLATOUT bears do not need to be washed frequently.